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Ninigi Sushi Bar – a new place on the culinary map

Combining the knowledge of sushi masters with access to modern technologies and certified ingredients, we have launched a new restaurant project. Ninigi Sushi Bar is one of the few such places with the potential to produce fresh sushi sets, which feature an extended shelf life compared to classic sushi bars!

ASC certificate

For years, we have focus on good condition of natural environment. ASC certificate confirms that development can go side by side with responsibility for common resources. We are proud that our factory uses fish and seafood supply chains from proven sources.

BRC certification body!

We have just received the highest possible score of "AA +" and an IFS of over 98% as part of an unannounced audit by the BRC certification body! Environmental protection and production safety are, apart from social commitment and investments in employee development, two basic foundations for the implementation of the "CSR Factor" policy established by our company.

PMR research

According to PMR research, 66% of the respondents buy ready meals, 16% of them choose sushi sets - both males and females taking part in the study. Lunch sets are chosen the most often by customers who are 18-34 y.o. What is more, vegans and vegetarians more likely declare buying ready-to-go meals. This research gives us hope for the future and ensures in our mission as a sushi-to-go leading producer in Poland and Europe. More: https://lnkd.in/dF7eUJ9