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With an ‘A’ Score!

We are happy to announce that the last unannounced #IFS and #BRC audit by Bureau Veritas Group went very well! Sushi & Food Factor®. #TasteBetter received the highest possible rating under the BRC (AA +) Standard, while with IFS - a score of 98.26%, again proving that we offer our Consumers the highest quality products. We choose the unannounced audit option to show that we operate in accordance with objective standards every day, and not just on one agreed date. Such high marks are a great achievement and an expression of recognition for the contribution and dedication of the entire team - our staff - comments Adam Brzechwa, Quality Department Manager at Sushi & Food Factor®.

Transparent change

In the sushi production process, we gradually switch to transparent trays, which not only look more effective, but above all - are much more environmentally friendly (even in terms of more universal recycling). We believe that this change will be positively felt by both the consumer and the environment around him. In addition, last year we increased the rate of waste sent for recycling to 90%. Of course, this is not the end of the positive impact of the ESG Sushi & Food Factor® policy on the natural environment - we will soon present the next effects of our activities.

We support Ukraine!

From the very beginning of the conflict, we have condemned the Russian aggression against the sovereign Ukrainian state. Many of our employees come from there, and although they have been in Poland for years, their families and friends often stayed in their home areas at risk of attack. We immediately launched an aid program for those in need on the spot and for refugees here, in line with the local needs signaled by local governments. More in the BLOG section.

Ninigi Sushi Bar – a new place on the culinary map

Combining the knowledge of sushi masters with access to modern technologies and certified ingredients, we have launched a new restaurant project. Ninigi Sushi Bar is one of the few such places with the potential to produce fresh sushi sets, which feature an extended shelf life compared to classic sushi bars!

ASC certificate

For years, we have focus on good condition of natural environment. ASC certificate confirms that development can go side by side with responsibility for common resources. We are proud that our factory uses fish and seafood supply chains from proven sources.