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At Sushi&Food Factor we believe that what you eat every day is of fundamental importance to the quality of your life. Therefore, we handle our products with utmost care at every stage — from the selection of ingredients through production till the moment they are put on the shop shelves.

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Our production philosophy is simple

We know that only good, fresh ingredients can give the dishes the best taste. Therefore, we cooperate only with certified suppliers that possess the necessary documentation to confirm the origin of every product.

Sushi&Food Factor is driven by innovations

Therefore, we are among the few companies to offer ready-made dishes, including sushi, with exceptionally long expiry dates. Our unique packing system allows us to preserve the taste and the nutritional value intact despite extraordinarily long expiry dates.

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With us you eat safe — and these are not empty words

We observe the strictest food safety principles. We possess BRC and IFC certificates and require them from our suppliers. Raw fish in sets is specially prepared to ensure complete safety. We do it all to ensure you enjoy the highest quality possible in every bite.

We respect mankind and natural environment

Therefore, we run wise, sustainable production which complies with the principles of fair play and social responsibility. We meet the standards imposed by our ECO CYKL certificate, which governs the recycling of packaging, foil and cardboard.

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We act
for others

We support young talents by sponsoring the operation of the Judo Academy in Poznań and the Poznań Children’s Judo League. We are proud that we can help competitors, including our charge Agata Szafran, improve their sport and organizational levels which allow them to contend for the medals of European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games.